Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Saudi Businessmen and Private Sectors” Representatives Visits Sudan Next Week

Khartoum-A high level Saudi delegation and representatives of the biggest Saudi companies headed by Ahmed Suleiman AL Rajihi

   is to visit Sudan the next week, also the delegation included members of joint Sudanese Saudi businessmen’s council.
The president of Sudanese Businessmen and Employer’s Federation (SBEF) Sa’ud Mamoon Al Birir has stated to media in a press conference that the visited delegation is the “largest” during the recent period,
The delegation comprised of various representatives of different investment fields, AL Birir added that the visit of Sudi private sector to Sudan reflects the concern of Saudi in running investment in Sudan.
“The visit is aiming at promoting economic partnership and to congratulate Sudan government and private sectors on lifting US sanction” said the president of SBEF.
He went out to say the visit is objected to realize the aspirations of leaders of the two countries alongside promoting economic, trade and investment cooperation relations.