Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Invest in Girls Education.

Khartoum- The Ministry of Education and the Coalition for  Education for all in coordination with UNICEF

organized the celebration of World girl's Day at Coral Hotel , honoured  by Professor Asia, Mohamed Abdallah Idris, Minister of Education. The ceremony was   attended  by  a number of ambassadors, representatives of international, regional and national organizations, the European Union, political leaders and activists in human rights, specialized councils, the relevant ministry, a number of students and representatives of universities and institutes.
 Prof. Asia Mohamed Abdallah Idris, Minister of Education emphasized her ministry's interest in educating  girls , stressed the review and application of laws that promote the education of girls .
 Prof Asia said Investing in girls ' education is a moral duty and an act that is required by a minimum level of justice and equality
and it is a commitment to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the education of girls helps to empower women socially and economically ,is also critical to achieving sustainable goals, promoting economic growth and building peaceful .

The minister stated that The state has paid attention to the girl child, by establishing a department in the Federal Ministry and state Ministries, on  the direction of the President of the Republic April 2000 to bridge the gender gap in education and to raise the rate of absorption of girls,
Girl, in support of girls ' education March, the Ministry adopted national policies for the following programmes:
out-of-school enrolment campaigns above the official average annually with the aim of closing the gender gap and increasing the absorption rate of the least-absorbed segments by geographical area
Focusing on girls, travellers, children with disabilities and children affected by  conflict.
The minister said that The Ministry has adopted the activities of the girls ' education clubs, which are aimed at:

_encourage girls to dialogue and participate in educational decision-making, peace-building, health awareness and comprehensive development.

_To promote the participation of girls and provide them with the principles and concepts of participation and life skills that help them to live in peace and cooperation with others.

_Instilling the leadership qualities of girls.
_promotion of their social, economic and cultural empowerment.

Efforts made by the Federal Ministry, state ministries and national and international partners

" I extend my thanks and appreciation to the organizers of this day, the General Directorate of Planning and Policy (Department of Girls ' education), UNICEF and the Sudanese Coalition  for Education for all" she concluded.
Dr. Mubarak Yahya Abbas, president of the Sudanese Coalition for Education for all  pointed out to the importance of investing in girls education .
 Education is the right of girls and empower them to ensure their enjoyment of human rights and demonstrate their ability ,he added .