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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pupils from Kibeida International School Visit Sudan Vision Premises

Khartoum - (Photo: Alsir Mukhtar ) Sudan Vision staff welcomed 28 pupils from Kibeida International Basic Level Schools, Grade 6  accompanied by some  of their teaching

staff , had paid a visit to Sudan Vision on Monday 13th November 2017 to stand on the editing and layout of the paper as the only English Newspaper published in Sudan since 2003.
Senior reports of Sudan Vision shed light on the history of the paper as the only English out let in Sudan different sections of the paper including the news local and world news, miscellaneous, interviews, investigations, opinions and columns, designing and layout, management, accounts.
English teacher Abdulrahman Khalil Omer said that they visited the paper to inform the pupils with the importance of the paper as English newspaper, and stand on the process of editing and translation of news; hoping that the pupils will benefit from the precious opportunity given by Sudan Vision. He explained that Kibeida International since its establishment in 2002, with the different branches of the in Khartoum, Omdurman and Port Sudan in the Red Sea state, has been working in adopting scientific methods with qualified staff.
Mohamed Abdallah, head of the Economic section in the paper welcomed the pupils for visiting the paper explaining the importance of covering the economic topics in Sudan and at the regional and International levels. He added that Sudan Vision reporters are quite aware to message that paper would like to convey to the world about Sudan, Noting that the Business page in Sudan Vision is mainly concerned with all business affairs and economic topics.
Ahmed Balal briefed on the establishment of the paper in 2003, and the topics being covered by the paper, he tackled also the writing of the Editorial that reflects the vision of the paper, noting that it discusses the most current political and economic topics concentrated on peace in Sudan. He added that the paper works to inform the external world with the real image of Sudan.
From her side Arabic teacher Nafisa Mubarak expressed her gratitude and deep thanks to Sudan Vision for giving this opportunity to their pupils at Kibeida International school to listen to this rich and informative lecture presented by Sudan Vision staff to raise the awareness of the pupils with the, and she called for partnership with Sudan Vision, describing the paper has a vital role in the society as the whole.
Some pupils of Kibeida International School raised very impressive questions on how the paper works and from where the reporters have information and data that enabling them in writing the news, reports and opinions. They also asked about the designing of the paper, the creditability and transparency if someone sends his/her contribution or comment on what is written in the paper, they also asked how journalists follow up the world events or news.
The pupils of Kibeida International School expressed their gratitude and deep thanks to Sudan Vision staff for their patience and the information they had given to them, hoping that the paper will achieve more success in the coming era as the English out let.  They said ‘we are very proud with Sudan Vision, the beloved paper ‘.