Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Rashid Diab Arts Centre Organizes Forum on Archaeology

Within its weekly forum, Rashid Diab Arts Centre has organized Sunday 19th October

, 2017 a lecture titled (Sudan Civilizations  .. Archaeology  .. The Reality and Challenges). The forum was under the auspices of ZAIN.
The forum was attended by H.E. the Minister of Tourism, Archaeology and Wildlife, Mohammed Abu Zaid Mustafa,  who addressed the audience after the very interesting lecture delivered by the Director General of the Public Corporation of Archaeology and Museums, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ali Mohmmed on the reality of archaeology and the challenges ahead. Dr. Mohammed affirmed that there are 53 missions working in archaeology throughout Sudan a matter that proves the importance of archaeology as one of the knowledge means
For his part the Minister emphasized the importance of archaeology in promoting tourism in the country which in turn will contribute in the national income.
The forum was accompanied by a plastic artist exhibition on Islamic Art by Tasneem Khalid Mohammed Khair who graduated in Fine and Applied College. 
The paintings were very interesting as it show the Islamic Calligraphy in its enormous types.
Tasneem has a message through Sudan Vision to her peers and painters in general to continue their endeavours in organizing exhibitions to show their fine art productions.