Al Bashir: Syria is Frontline State and its Weakening is Bad for Arabs
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Al Bashir: Syria is Frontline State and its Weakening is Bad for Arabs

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has said Syria is a frontline state and its weakening is considered as a weakening to the Arabs, indicating that

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Periscope: The Re-election of the Fathers of Failure

Few days ago we witnessed a usual replay of a common scenario in the Arab world the re-election in manipulated elections of a leadership

that failed to deliver any benefits to their people or even safeguards what existed. The tragedy is that happened to a people who have been fighting and suffering for the last more than seven decades to regain their lost lands and rights.
The events was the election of the old leadership of the biggest Palestinian organization, Fath for a new term. Instead of resigning and apologizing to their people for their failure and paving the way for a new leadership that may be more capable to save what can be saved of the lost Palestinian people rights. They manipulated the elections from the start  to remain in power and safeguard their narrow personal interests.
What was interesting that at the same time of this manipulated conference and election there came a message from across the sea , from France were the present French president  François Holland have declared that he will not run for re-election for another term. The basic reason was that there was a wide spread judgment among the French people in general and the left in particular that he have failed to deliver what he promised upon his election five years ago.
On the other hand, we saw on the news the new-old Fatah leader claiming success that nobody has seen on the ground but in a direct confrontation with the realities of the daily lives of the Palestinians, same time avoided to refute the allegations of the wide spread corruption in his administration.
It was a sad event by any measure because it represented another of the hundreds of lost opportunities for the Palestinians to forge a new strategy, policies and leadership that can try to save as much as possible of their lost rights from a very aggressive and reactionary Zionist state. Unfortunately, this chance have been lost for the present because of the leadership that chosen to preserve their interest rather than those of their people.
If the Palestinians really want to have a chance to regain at the least some of their lost rights they have to start thinking of how to change the present leadership. The alternative will be the daily evaporation of their rights and lands as we see at the present daily under the present Zionist state and the shay protest of the present so Palestinian authority and leadership.