EASF Meeting Kicks-off in Khartoum
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EASF Meeting Kicks-off in Khartoum

KHARTOUM - The East African Standby Force (ESAF) experts on Thursday have started a three-day meeting in Khartoum.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Editorial: OIC Summit Cements Solidarity with Palestine

The reaction of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to the transference of the US embassy to Al Quds, is so prompt

. This is well reflected in the emergency summit that was held recently at Istanbul of Turkey and attended by all the member states to decide on the issue.
Indeed, the move by US is so shocking and has been condemned by all, especially the Muslims and Arabs all over the world.
Of course, Sudan is not the exception of this. Some members of the parliament were previously engaged in protesting the matter by wearing the Palestinian flag.
The summiteers called on the Muslims worldwide to exercise physical pressure on both US and Israel, especially economically by boycotting all that they produce.
Definitely, the US measure, is not without advantages, especially to the Muslims and the Arabs. It functions as a unifying factor to put differences aside and come holistically together as true brothers against the hegemony of both US and Israel.
However, Unlike Trump, the US former presidents, had never dared to get involved into something as such, for fear of globally angering the Muslim and Arabs. 
Indeed, the move touches on a very sensitive issue which is Al Quds, since it means lots and lots to the Muslims and the Arabs universally. It is not only the holiest place for them, but for all the other heavenly religions as well. Therefore, it is the heritage that should be preserved from any kind of encroachment and damage, as shown now by the behavior of Trump.
It is expected that US is to play model roles and in all spheres through sticking to neutrality concerning the Palestinian- Israeli conflict to realize the aspired for dream of the two separate states-one for Palestine and the other for Israel.  
And one final point that should be vehemently stressed here; Sudan and Palestine will all the time be together to fight  the common enemy, till rights are wholly restored.