EASF Meeting Kicks-off in Khartoum
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EASF Meeting Kicks-off in Khartoum

KHARTOUM - The East African Standby Force (ESAF) experts on Thursday have started a three-day meeting in Khartoum.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

74.6% Rise in Sudan Gold Production

Khartoum – Sudan's net gold production has remarkably risen over the past nine months, a report by the Ministry of Minerals has revealed.
A report by the Ministry of Minerals indicated that gold production – regulated and unregulated – across the country amounted to 74.6 by one hundred percent over the past nine months. 
The Minister of the Minerals demanded security organs heighten security to prevent gold smuggling operations, pointing to consent by major mining companies to fund productive and development projects.
The Director of Geological Research Corporation Mohamed Abu-Fatma said the Ministry of Minerals has arrived at its goals for 2017 manifested in expanding exploration and mapping to boost production and monitor mining companies.
He described the plan for 2018 as "ambitious" and in line with developments and attracting foreign investments to further development in mineral sector through the supply and employment of modern technologies.